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Birthcare, Parnell


•  4 floor Duplex full-collective elevators (elevator two 5 floors)
•  Speed 1.0 m/s
•  Capacity 16 person, 1125kg
•  Completion date August 2014

2010 New Equipment fitted (extra floor added to elevator 2)

•  New entrance fitted at top floor
•  New traction ropes fitted

2014 New Equipment fitted (modernisation of both elevators)


2010 saw an additional floor added to elevator two. The overhead rope sheaves (pulleys) were relocated up to the new floor and longer traction ropes installed. A new entrance landing door was installed for the top floor.

2014 saw the replacement of both elevator controllers for better efficiency and replacement of both elevator door operators with a modern belt drive variable frequency door operators (door opening and closing mechanism)


•  SSGF16-TSS micro processor controllers and variable
    frequency drive module

•  Shaft information system (position feedback)
•  New Landing buttons and panels
•  Variable frequency car door controller and variable AC
    door motor

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