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Selwyn Heights Apartments,

Mission Bay


•  3 floor ‘IGV Domus’ elevator
•  Speed 0.2 m/s
•  Car floor area 1000mm x 800mm
•  Manual swing doors on landings (no car door)
•  Capacity 3 person, 250kg
•  Completed May 2006 (installation time 2 weeks)


The Building had an existing small elevator installed in the seventies which didn’t comply with current NZ elevator regulations. The challenge was to find a product that would fit the existing small elevator shaft while maximizing the internal floor space in the elevator car.


The IGV DomusLift was the perfect solution for this installation. To maximize floor space the DomusLift has no car door (3 walls and ceiling). The front wall of the shaft is flush and the entrance of the car has a full height infrared detector that will immediately stop the motion of the elevator if little hands or an object falls through the entrance

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