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Tagalad Apartments, Mission Bay


•  5 floor ‘IGV SuperDomus’ elevator
•  Speed 0.63 m/s
•  Car floor area 1400mm x1000mm
•  Automatic side opening doors
•  Capacity 7 person, 550kg
•  Completed March 2007 (installation time 5 weeks)


The Building had an existing elevator installed in the seventies which didn’t comply with current NZ elevator regulations. Modernisation wasn’t possible with the existing equipment therefore the existing elevator had to be removed and a new elevator installed. However problems arose that the overhead top of shaft dimension and pit depth was not sufficient enough for modern elevators. The IGV SuperDomus elevator is specifically designed to overcome the problems associated with reduced shaft, overhead and pit dimensions in existing buildings and is manufactured and installed to comply with EN81 elevator regulations.

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