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Waterloo Towers, Auckland CBD


•  15 floor Duplex full-collective elevators
•  Speed 2.0 m/s
•  Capacity 11 person, 816kg
•  Stage 2 Completed January 2014 (3 stages over 6 years)

Existing equipment prior to modernisation

•  Semag-Cory microprocessor Controller
•  Variable Voltage AC thyristor drive connected to AC induction
     motor & gearbox


3 stage modernisation project to fit the client’s expense budget. Stage one was car interior fit out, new car and landing button panels and new digital LCD position displays to every floor. Stage two was the replacement of both controllers and total rewire of car and shaft electrical systems. Stage three (yet to be completed) will be replacement of car door operator and all landing door hangers.

New Equipment fitted

•  New car interior fit out (stage 1)
•  Landing button and position display panels (stage 1)
•  Car button and position display panel (stage 1)
•  New car guide roller carriages (stage 1)
•  SGF16-TSS micro processor controller and variable frequency
    drive module (stage 2)

•  Shaft information system (position feedback) (stage 2)
•  Security interfacing to new card reader system (stage 2)
•  Complete rewire of car and car travelling electrical cables
    (stage 2)

•  Variable frequency car door controller and variable AC door
    motor (stage 3)

•  New landing door hangers (stage 3)

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